Yield Farming.
Done Right.

GrassLand Finance is a progressive layered yield farming protocol on the Polygon network which, ultimately, aims to introduce creative features (like burning vaults and delegated farming systems) that enable past layers to remain relevant beyond being used to farm future layers.

Why GrassLand Finance?

Deployed on Polygon

Our initial launch was on Polygon due to it's retail friendly fees and massive support from tradFi institutions, making it a great gateway into DeFi.

Dividends Pools

A fixed percentaje of our income is set aside to offer a lucrative income to our investors. Another part of the remaining protocols income is reinvested into sustainable projects that allow us to perform buybacks & burns and further sustain our dividends even after a layer ends.


We have dedicated wallets to warrant transparency and keep us accountable regarding fees distribution and usage.

Burning Vaults (Soon)

The main purpose is for a permanent organic buy pressure to remain after layer emissions are over, more easily backing user funds. Although this isn't something new in itself, it certainly is the first time it becomes applied to layered farms.

Delegate Farming (Soon)

When depositing into the farm, your funds are deposited into their respective AMM-DEX farm (akin to emission incentivized vaults), thus bringing additional profits into the system which will be used to buyback and burn $WILD.

Enhaced Vaulting (Soon)

Once introduced, our holders will be able to access reduced performance fees when making use of our yield aggregating vaults in exchange for burning our tokens.